Living in Mumbai?

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Hello everyone!
I am a Korean origin and will be stationed in Mumbai in a few months.
I used to live in the U.S.A. and Hong Kong for ten years in each city, and now Mumbai will be my third foreign city to explore.

What I would like to know is:
1. Housing condition:
As my company will pay for housing, I will be able to rent a decent place, but I would like to know approximate monthly rent levels near downtown Mumbai and the building + environment conditions.

2. Restaurants:
Besides Indian restaurants, which I am sure will be abundant obviously,
are there any areas where I can enjoy European (French, Italian, British afternoon tea, cafe, etc),Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean cuisine, and so on in an upgraded ambience?

3. Shopping malls:
Are there any big shopping malls where I can buy western designer/ brand clothing and apparel?

I am a bit excited as well as a bit worried, because I heard India is a less westernized, exotic country with affluent cultural heritage of its own. For an Asian who has been living in western culture, it may be exciting and equally may be a bit difficult to adapt to its culture.

Many thanks in advance!


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Hey jacab,
I can very well imagine what all must be going on in your mind before relocating to all together a different place moreover a different country. I really appreciate the efforts you taking to lern about the palce and its culture more.Well mumbai is one of the best place in India to live.About the shopping malls and all its known for fashion.All the fashion stores are located there so you need not worry on that front.And about the cuisines Mumbai has all kinds of resturants which serve all kinds of cuisines.And the peoplein Mumbai are very chilled out .They are very helpful.Mumbai is one of the best place to be located.I am sure you would fall in love with the place.Mumbai (AKA Bombay) is the glamour of Bollywood cinema, cricket on the maidans on weekends, bhel puri on the beach at Chowpatty and red double-decker buses running around buildings a century old. Mumbai has vital streetlife, India's best nightlife, and more bazaars than you could ever explore.Mumbai is located on India's central-western coast along the Arabian Sea. The city developed for 150 years in isolation from its hinterland and still seems to belong in a different world to the huge, predominantly Hindu state of Maharashtra, which encompasses a 500km (310mi) coastal strip, a portion of the Western Ghats and a significant part of the Deccan plateau.Explore its sights and soul - the promise of a heady experience awaits you.
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Finally some useful information about life in Mumbai. Sounds like a swell place to live in. Should consider it.

How does Mumbai compare to Bangalore? This has been the booming city of Indian future!


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Mumbai is one of the most crowded city in India.All types of people can leave there.Mumbai is located on India's central-western coast along the Arabian Sea. The climate of Mumbai is temperate with the summers warm and winters cool, with negligible seasonal temperature variations.


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Is this a Good Living in Mumbai (Downtown City Area)

Hello All

Just wondering if anyone could tell me what a good living in Mumbia would be. I have no idea what a good living is there i can only assume that i would be fine but not knowing anything i am unsure. The company i work for is sending me over there for 5 years and wanting to pay me only 60k USD which equates to 2.7million INR is that good just ok or should i ask for more?
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