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Living and working in calabria.

Discussion in 'Emerging Property in Europe' started by CalabrianInvest, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. CalabrianInvest

    CalabrianInvest New Member

    I am writing from our company Calabrian invest which is based in Pizzo on the west coast of Calabria. Myself and 3 others moved here in March this year with the intention of opening a business here in Calabria. The reason, we loved it here and saw great potential. Now after many months of ´the Italian way ´ we are settled and moving from strength to strengh.
    Why are we writing this forum? Quite simple really, in Italy it can be very difficult to gather the correct information although many people will advise you of one way or another but generally even the goverment bodies can´t help as they do not have the information.
    So our intention is to try and give some good advice that works or at least help in some way.
    Please, any questions regarding Calabria are welcome as if we do not know the answer we will try and find out for you. We speak, Italian, English, Spanish and Polish.
  2. Robert Davies

    Robert Davies New Member

    living in Pizzo

    Hi to Calabrian invest
    I have just moved to an apartment near to Pizzo, where abouts are you, do you have a base and what does your company offer.
    All the best
    Bob Davies
  3. CalabrianInvest

    CalabrianInvest New Member

    location of Calabrian Invest

    Hi Bob
    Congratulations on moving to a great part of the med, I'm sure you will come to love living here as much as we have. We are based in Piazza San Francesco 3 Pizzo. If you get a chance drop by or take a look at our web under the same name. All the best to you and your family Bob.
    Calabrian invest
  4. CalabrianInvest

    CalabrianInvest New Member

    New for 2009

    For upto date local advice and information on the region of Vibo Valencia Calabria Italy we have just launched the Vibo Voice one of the two English speaking new papers in souther Italy following the great success of the more localized edition of the Pizzo express, which after 9 months is still going from strength to stength. If you would like to contribute with advice and story's of your own please contact Paul at calabrian invest.
    Ciao for now Leon

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