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Lithuania - for new overseas investor

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by Greenoak, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Greenoak

    Greenoak New Member

    Hello all.

    I have been reading quite a few forums as I am interested in overseas buy to lets.

    I already have 4 buy to let properties in Liverpool ( 200 miles away) that has provided a nice return on my investment and is providing a useful capital pot.

    As mad as it may seem I am interested in buying a property in Lithuania as it appears to be a real capital growth area and low cost of entry.

    I plan to visit in next few weeks to check it out for myself.

    However there appears to be almost no mentions of buy to let on any of the forums.

    I can buy a brand new fully fitted property for 85000 euro with mortgage funding up to 85%.

    Given that Lithuania now tops a recent guide on overseas capital growth I thought I should look into this.

    Has anyone any views / contacts / storys for me to consider.

    thank you
  2. Rytis

    Rytis New Member

    Invest in land plots

    There are good possibilities to earn 50 or even 100% within 12-18 months investing in bigger land plots and dividing them in small parts for one-family houses.
  3. martinm

    martinm New Member

    hi,so were is a good town too buy in ?:confused: and weres the down sides.
  4. DC

    DC Member


    Hi I work with some people in this market, be in touch if you are still looking at it. thanks Darren
  5. TomasBPN

    TomasBPN New Member

    New Off Plan investment in Lithuania

    Hi all,

    BALTIC PROPERTY NETWORK Ltd., a company registered in Ireland, represent 50 major developers in Lithuania-Latvia-Estonia.

    New OFF-PLAN houses in VILNIUS & LITHUANIAN seaside Sventoji.(250 meters to the sea).Low deposits (10%-20%). Buy-to-let opportunity.


    We offer to our clients a one-stop-shop service, or so called "relationship with a property" that commences from the early stage of finding the right property, following the purchasing process, then furnishings, finding tenants and rental management, resale management, etc.


    SITE FOR SALE (4.942akr)


    Book an individual or group Inspection Trip to view off plan developments in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda (Lithuania) July/August/September.

    Co.Cork, Ireland
    Mob.(Irish): +353 877806080
    Mob.(Lith.): +370 68506006
    Fax. (Irish): +353 1 5078525
    Skype ID: balticpropertynetwork. c o m
    sales @ balticpropertynetwork.c o m
    w w w .balticpropertynetwork. c o m
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  6. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    Be Careful

    I think that you should do some research before leaping into the Lithuanian market right now.

    The economies for all three of the Baltic States - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - are all closely linked and all three have seen stellar increases in property price over the past few years, as has been the case with the countries' GDPs.

    But economists are now getting increasingly worried that the economies of the countries are over-heating. Some are even talking about a complete economic meltdown. The Financial Times and The Economist have both published quite alarming reports about the region in the past month.

    As I mentioned earlier, the three Baltic economies are very closely linked. In Estonia, there have been reports for several months of speculators having to sell offplans below cost price once they hit the secondary market. Some are even choosing to walk away from their deposits.

    In Latvia, prices peaked in April and have fallen a little - around 3-5% since then.

    From what I understand, prices in Lithuania are stable at the moment, but the chances that the fears from the neighbouring countries will start to impact the market negatively are quite high.
  7. TomasBPN

    TomasBPN New Member

    You have to be careful in any country not only the Baltic States.You have to have info you can relay on thats basic.
    The Financial Times and The Economist have both published ......they are only doing there can get info on the web for FREE.......But is that going to be the real picture... to make first/right step for your investment?
    If you will have any questions I will be glad to help you ..!
  8. TomasBPN

    TomasBPN New Member

    HI, just intresting facts...
    By 'The Economist' LIthuanians GDPs 2007 year 6.5%, real figure is over 8%.......
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