Liable For Council Tax

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Hi all,
Just read this on another site,
(Quote)"The unintended consequence of the legislation is this: Up to April this year tenants paid council tax - unless exempt. Students are exempt from council tax - no ifs or buts, always have been. If a property becomes an HMO, the landlord becomes liable for council tax - he will not be able to get exemption - he will then want to be reimbursed for the council tax and will add it to the rent - but, of course, the students will say - we don't pay council tax, so who is going to pay?
None has been able to answer this question and the same applies to tenants on benefits.
WAKE UP landlords - if you have a property that becomes an HMO in April - e.g. more than 2 unrelated tenants - YOU WILL BE LIABLE FOR COUNCIL TAX!!
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Hi Clayton
I don't think it is as bad as you state. If your property has common areas used by all your tenants then you are not liable to council tax. It only becomes liable where you have a building that is segregated i.e. bedsits with bathrooms and kitchens. If you set up your tenancies so each tenant only has access to certain parts of the building separate from other tenants then you will be liable
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