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Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by teddy14, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. teddy14

    teddy14 New Member


    I am in the porcess of buying a property in Tavira. We have found a property (3year old townhouse) the funds are inplace and we are using the estate agents reccomended portugese solicitor. Now they are asking for the deposit to be paid for the promissory and we hope to complete 3 weeks later.

    However we have not been asked to sign anything. And we have not given signed written power of attorney to the solicitors, yet they say that they will do everyting on our behalfs.

    Is this usual or are we being missinformed as in the UK signatures are needed, as we obviously dont want to send over a large sum of money and find that we dont actualy own anything.

    thanks in advance,
    [email protected]
  2. hprata

    hprata New Member


    Dear Mr:

    In Portugal, as in almost any other country in the world, you need signatures
    As well as contracts so that cons and mischiefs can be avoided
    I don't know whom you're working with but that person isn't proceeding in the best way possible
    I strongly advise you to handle the matter in a more serious and rigorous way
    I take this chance to inform you that we have a real estate agency which works in the entire country and if you need our help feel free in contacting us.
    portugal property

  3. teddy14

    teddy14 New Member

    many thanks, I have been in contact with the solicitors in portugal and the mattre has been relosved (it was their mistake).
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