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Leasing property in Italy

Discussion in 'Emerging Property in Europe' started by mrmag, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. mrmag

    mrmag New Member

    Hello everyone. I am considering purchasing a lease in Italy. The property is owned by the church and the present tenant wants to sell me the lease. I am a bit nervous about a rental arrangement. Does anyone have any advice about the rights of tenants in Italy. Specifically, assuming that I pay the rent as required by the lease, can I be evicted without cause? The lease does not have a term of years in it. It is simply an open ended written lease.

    Thank you

  2. Rimini

    Rimini New Member

    hello :)

    I never saw a rental contract without terms, i even don't know if they exists or if they are legal.

    The legal terms in italy are 4 years + 4 years for residentaial properties and 8 years + 8 years for residential properties. That's the minum your are able to set longer terms but i think that a unlimited contract is not possible.

    If you have a regoular contract you can be 100% SURE that no one will be able to kick you out.
  3. Italgenio

    Italgenio New Member

    Take care

    You should be able to get a perfectly water-tight lease BUT please consult a qualified lawyer. Have a look at the Brian French website - they are not lawyers but can put you in touch.
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