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Hi guys i'm new to this forum and also very interested in real estate, but i have zero experience whatsoever. I wanted to get some opinions on how to learn more about real estate, as far buying and selling is concerned. What are some of your experiences ?


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just go on search engine and search your query. you will get good answers on forum


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re: real estate!

:) Hi,

Depends what country your looking for??

Reading different owner forums are a good way of finding out looks of different information aswell!!
And also you will be able to ask people questions and opinions on it aswell??

Lots of property webb sites have lots of varied information on them as to legals,buying processes etc!
Also there are sites that offer FREE overseas property/country buying guides and investment information- make the most of those and order them online!

See ya D :)


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Hey guys, thanks for your opinions and tips. This is a great forum. I really appreciate your responces. I've also found the show Bought and Sold very helpful. It's very informative and I've been able to get a better understanding of how the real estate business really works. It airs on Sundays at 10pm e/p on HGTV if any of you are interested. Thanks again! Have any of you seen the show yet?

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there are several ways to start in real estate, one best way is to work as an agent and learn from established developers by selling their projects and you get leads and insights as to how the business really works...then learn other ways by being a broker, property consultant, or study foreclosures as well and other related property markets


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For beginner in real estate investment read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Even the Chinese is reading his book, that is why it a Boomtown in China real estate.

Sorry can't post the link.

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Hi,If you have started learning about real estate and when you are proceeding further then just keep one thing in mind that what ever the knowledge you get in real estate is just a drop and you need to know the whole see.

Then only you can have the deep knowledge of real estate.

great advice!!

Raizamea Lupage

If you want to use real estate to start living the life you’ve always dreamed you are going to have to sacrifice. read more about real estate and choose your real estate niche and strategies and you should know how to real estate business plan.

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You can read articles written by real estate professionals, in which they describe how they achieved successes in this industry. Very often they write about books they read, courses they attended, etc.


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There are a number of autobiographies from prominent investors many of whom have tackled the property market over the years. Reading about somebody who has been there, done it and has lived through the ups and downs of the worldwide economy can be very motivational. Even though it is also very useful to attend courses about your chosen area of property investment it is also good to mix this with real-life experiences.