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Hi there,

Is anybody out there an investor or a collaborator in the 'failed' Laguna Beach project in Tabatinga, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, set up by Obelisk International?

I am. After eleven years of financial agony I can't take it any more. I can't deal with the stress and the prospect of losing THIRTY THOUSAND BRITISH POUNDS! There remains a huge list of questions to be answered. Obelisk left the scene in 2014 and never answered another email. They shut down their company and webite and all communication in the same year. They left us with their Spanish lawyers to pick up the pieces, and those lawyers are now trying to deflect us off to another lawyer in the UK but when that lawyer gave a presentation in an English hotel conference room he refused to acknowledge the back story and basically called us a bunch of idiots with the question "Did anybody actually go and see the land in Brazil before investing?" (Answer:no) " So you've all just broken my first rule of investment". This statement? 7 years after handing over our cash? Does he even understand the usage of the present perfect in the English language??
And the original planners, developers, architects, marketeers, financial managers, analists from Obelisk, nothing at all to say?

Anybody who knows anything at all about this project that has RUINED lives, please come forward and say something.

Anyone out there want to collaborate? I believe in justice and truth, and everybody who set up the project has now left the scene. (Obs. Not before a woman called Alison Kane forced a non-disclosure agreement on me! Us?)

They say they took 6 million reals from investors and then I go up there and discover that they only spent 3 million on the land (which is real. I've been there and taken extensive photos).

So we deserve to know where the rest of the money was spent. And when they will repay us.