Kavarna Bay

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I am new to this type of investment and have come acros this opportunity, which is being hevarly advertised by 'Oberlisk International', and it looks very attractive. Can anyone give me any independent insight into this project and/or Oberlisk? Many Thanks.


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Kavarna property investments


I have also seen Kavarna Bay as a hot property well Kavarna as being a hot area to invest however, have you seen the Moy Holiday Village by 4 Front Property Investment however the payment plan works a lot better on this development!!!

you get a 2 bed 2 bath apartment for 50k fully furnished including all legals and closing costs.

you put down £10k and then dont pay a thing til completion in which they arrange a mortgage, but there is a NET guaranteed rental of 6% which covers your mortgage payments.

Also it is a nice development which will have a private marina and beach, underground shopping centre and a lot more plus there is only 400 apartments, I cant see how you go wrong!!!!

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Go and look at the place,
I looked at their website, and at the brochure, but i couldent find an actual picture of the place! That area is still developing, and relly depends where it is, it can be in the middle of nowhere!
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