Jointly managing a block of flats with 1 nightmare dictator owner



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I own an investment flat in a block of 4 and am having nightmares dealing with one of the owners dominating what we do and don't do.

We set up a company with 4 directors and bought the freehold 10 years ago. One owner is very pictorial and only accepts her way of doing things. She fights with every trade or supplier we've had and screws them all when it comes to money.

2 years ago we all put in 1,000 to pay for some general maintenance work and she took all the money for herself to pay for some personal window repairs she did years before knew we wouldn't agree to pay for. The trades that did the general maintenance were therefore unpaid and despite being furious didn't do anything about it as it wasn't worth the hassle. We spoke to lawyers and the police but both said there wasn't much they could do and she would be a nightmare to sue.

We persuaded her to agree to let a property management company manage the building as no one trusts her and wouldn't give her a penny more in the future. She eventually agreed but within 6 months gave them so much grief they refused to work for us anyone and terminated the agreement.

Myself and the other 2 owners are all on the same page and have a 79% majority. What can we do with our majority to get things managed in the future as I know that as soon as we have some major work that needs doing, we'll have a fight on our hands?

If for instance we can get a management company to deal with us and they raise 1,000 from all of us for future repairs. I'm sure she would disagree and only pay say 500. How can we then pursue her for the remaining 500 efficiently?

Surely with a majority we should have some power?

Any thoughts gratefully appreciated