Joint Venture Property Development Platforms



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Do you know of / can you recommend any Joint Venture Property Development Platforms like: (moderated)

I am not endorsing this platform, just exploring it myself and curious to see if there are any similar or if anyone here has any experience/insight with this platform or similar to share?

To clarify this is a platform that crowdfunds property developments and then shares the profits. This is not the same as the much more common fixed rate return development deals, where, although they call us “investors” we are actually lenders - but let’s not get into an argument on the semantics of that.

Personally - even though on paper they seem a ‘bit’ less risky I’ve not had great experience with development loan platforms (with loans going into default - indicating DD was not all it was cracked up to be),so I’m aware of risks and can see each has it’s pros & cons. Still interested to look into this area more though.

Hence this post. Obviously.

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