Its Booming In Cyprus

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Hi guys, when I say Cyprus I am definately not reffering to the North. Please be very aware of you are going to invest there.

I am a Doctor, working here in the UK and on the beautiful Island of Cyprus.

Limassol and Paphos are the places to be. I have one property in Spain, it ticks over, but nothing to get excited about.

Two years ago, I purchased an off plan property in Limassol. I gained 30% appreciation on that apartment as soon as it had been built. I sold it and got a big villa in paphos. I started living there for half the year and renting it out for the other half. I am now in the process of purchasing again in Limassol, one apartment and one villa.

What makes Cyprus so successful is its location and the type of people looking to buy there. There are many wealthy Russians and as Cyprus is so close to Egypt, Syria etc there are plenty of people with serious cash from those areas too! In addition there are quite a few English looking to rent their home out and just use it for holidays. The options are endless. Attractions including highly successful international schools and hospitals make the families moving over there very happy.

As the property market there is booiming, there are now many real estate agents and property developers. Not all of them are worth wasting time on, it is very important to go to a reputable company.

Personally I recommend D.Zavos group. They tailor make what ever you want to suit your needs. If you are looking for off plan, resale, new, old, newly developed, whatever you want they will strive to get it for you. One woman there in particular is tremendous. Her name is Julie, she is an English Cypriot, born and bred over here in the UK. She is on a flat salary and therefore not commision based. This makes the world of difference over there, as she is interested in getting you the deal you want not what is going to boost her commision.

They currently have newly built appartment blocks, they are perfect. 60% of the development (The Colours Boutique) has sold already, so if you are looking to make a hit before the season starts get in there!!!

If you fancy getting some stats or checking it out speak with Julie, her email is [email protected], please tell her that Sasha Aldous sends her regards.

I wish you every success in your new ventures.

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