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Italy v France

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by lane, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. lane

    lane New Member

    Hello all,
    I'm new to the forum. I am planning on buying a property in France or Italy and I'm trying to decide which is likely to cause me the least stress. Are closing costs pretty similar in both countries? Which offers best value for the money? What areas would you recommend?
    Look forward to getting some feedback....
    Best Regards
  2. keath

    keath New Member

    Italy versus France:

    Italy is more expensive in general for property.

    Both countries are however quite beautiful and have much to offer. These links may be useful to you:

    French Property Guide

    Italian Property Guide

    Good luck!
  3. Lynda Saxton

    Lynda Saxton New Member

    Discounted property for sale in France

    I was wondering if you had found you property yet? If not I am selling my 4 bed 2 bath home in the Dordogne South West France at a substantial discount due to a divorce. Please Contact: huffs in [email protected]
  4. DC

    DC Member

    I lived in France, South East, now in Spain, French and Anglos mmm dont know how well they actually fit, my brother has French partner.
    Italy in my opinion for investment and living, better climate too.
    The question is what do you think, not what we think. Get on the plane, go live there for 6 months in each country, then you have answer. No one knows the answer other than you.
    That is fact.
  5. Antonio

    Antonio New Member


    Hi Jane,
    I don't want to look like supporting Italy....but you know....
    however have a look to our website myhouseitaly
    and tell us what you think
    Best regards

  6. AlexBu

    AlexBu New Member

    Hi Antonio, if you're interested I've just created a forum ( www immoinvestforum org ) for Italian investors willing to buy abroad, it's in Italian, anyway there's also a section for foreigner investors interested in Italian properties (in English!), I hope you would like to join it, it's just started and I hope it can become a useful tool for investors

    A presto,
  7. Lee Filkins

    Lee Filkins Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Italy, has no Capital gains tax after five years nor does Italy has inheritance Tax. Italy has less paper chase than France.

    Generaly speaking Italian are more friendly and has to ego problems about their language, unlike the French.

    If you want good value and authentic Italy and Barollo wine and good food under the guidence of the slow food University. Go to Piemonte in the north. Its less than two hours by plane or around tweleve hours by road. In less than hour you can be on the Italian coast or ski in the Italian Alps. Cote Azur/Nice is around 45 miles.
  8. Leon McAvoy

    Leon McAvoy New Member

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  9. Lee Filkins

    Lee Filkins Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    What have you drinking ????
  10. renterstoolkit

    renterstoolkit New Member

    I agree that when you buy abroad, tax considerations are NOT neutral.
    France : ISF (impot sur la Fortune) especially if you do not take local mortgage on the property, Taxe fonciere (kind of tax on the property/land), Taxe locative (if you rent your property), Taxe d habitation (kind of council tax), Taxe CSG/CRDS on rents, another additional tax named RSA is being evaluated right now (1.1%) to be applied on rents, bringing CGS/CRDS/RSA and co to 12.8% of rents. That s on top of my head after 2mn... I m sure I can find more...
    But of course between a french wine and an italian one... it could be worth the tax difference ! :p
  11. Magellan

    Magellan New Member

    I'd have to say the opposite
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