Italy - apartments right on the beach

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We think that we?ve discovered one of Western Europe?s last emerging markets: Calabria ? the ?toe? of Italy. It?s very much like Spain 20 years ago.
The company that we?re working with has only been building here since earlier this year. There are several sites along a much undeveloped stretch of the Calabrian coast. One of the locations is right on the beach ? the development touches the sand. In April 2006 local planning prohibited any further developments within 300m of the beach, so this chance will not occur again in this part of the world.
Beautiful beaches, mountains (it is possible to ski during winter),villages, culture and food.
Prices are incredible ? from ~?38,000 for a one bed right on the beach.
Ryanair have just started to fly directly to the area from London Stansted and a new motorway will provide a quick link to the area from the rest of the Italian road network.
Numbers are limited. You can go out to have a look and all you will pay for is your flight. You only need 2 days there, which is very unhurried and unpreserved.
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Hey lukas,
The development that is ON the beach has now SOLD OUT.
A new site has been purchased and a new development will be released in September. The prices for this new development will be in the same range as those that have just sold out.
This will be 300m back from the beach, with just fields and trees between the beach and the development.
It is likely that there will also be townhouses and villas.
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