Itacaré - Real Bounty Beaches in Brazil

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  1. In my 36 years of Brazil I have known a lot of beaches here.
    Everybody has his taste, but I never understood the last years, why they (gringo’s) are promoting the beaches in Rio Grande do Norte or Ceara (Natal and Fortaleza and surroundings) as the "Most Beautiful Beaches in Brazil" (or even the world).
    Dry, arid and depressing landscape and beaches , for me.
    It's like being on the beach there with the Sahara behind you.
    The worst beaches in Brazil in my opinion.

    A tropical beach for me is laying on the beach, surrounded by green.
    The "Bounty Beach" feeling.
    Coconut trees and others, monkeys and hummingbirds.
    The week before this one, we stayed 5 days in Itaré, Bahia.
    For the 2nd time.
    A real paradise. The tropical Atlantic Rain Forest just stopping at the beach.

    Have a look at THIS, the 15 beaches in Itacaré.

    The Bounty Beaches in Itacare

    A google image search with just the word “Itacaré”.

    Google images Itacare

    A real Paradise.
  2. No I don't think of this (What you show).
    I'm mentioning Atlantic Tropical Rain Florest (FLOREST !).
    Reaching to the beaches, waterfalls on the beach

    Go and discover Brazil., hummingbirds, monkeys, canaries, parrots and arara's. Even puma's
    Florest with trees 20-30 meters high, op to 100 feet.

    Not low vegetation as you show, with some coconut trees on dry arid dunes.
    The so called "vegetaçaõ rasteira".
    Brazil has so many GOOD places to offer to an investor.

    Go, and learn about Brazil.
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    have just come back from itacare and whilst I can't compare the beaches with further North (as I haven't been North of Salvador) I can say they were stunning especially once you get out of town to prainha and beyond (although resende and tiririca beaches on the edge of town are pretty great too). I am sure the beaches are stunning up in Natal too (they look it from the pics) - it just goes to show that Brazil has many different types of area to offer, something for everyone.
  4. Please correct the Brazilian government ( sites), the IBGE and the scientists.

    The Atlantic Rainforest or "Mata Atlantica“ stretches along Brazil's Atlantic coast. It extends inland to eastern Paraguay and the province of Misiones in northeastern Argentina, and narrowly along the coast into Uruguay. Also included in this hotspot is the offshore archipelago of Fernando de Noronha and several other islands off the Brazilian coast.

    The Atlantic Rainforest comprises 7 ecosystems with up to 5 altitudinal zones. Therefore, the biodiversity of the Atlantic Rainforest is particularly high. It comprises the second largest biosphere reserve on Earth. About 600 of Brazil's 900 conservation units are to be found in the Atlantic Rainforest.

    The exceptional biodiversity of the ecosystems of the Atlantic Rainforest is related to its geological history, its tropical and subtropical position, severe climate changes in the past and substantial altitudinal differences from 0 to almost 3.000 m. The coastal mountain ranges „Serra do Mar“ and „Mantiqueira“ contain the highest peaks on the Atlantic side of the American continent. Additionally coastal Rainforests are significantly richer in biodiversity than inland ones like.
  5. The UNESCO declared this forest a "Natural Heritage Site".
    As they describe the part in Bahia - Itacaré:

    INPE - Brazilian Institue for Space Research
    UFPE - Federal University of Pernambuco
    USP - University of Sao Paulo (best in Brazil)
    and so on

    Don't blame me that its very dry and arid in Natal and (still) makes (or made) part of the "Atlantic Rainforest" for scientists and governments.


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