Is your will valid??

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Hey Guys,
While researching info on living abroad, I found a few bits on the legal situation in other countries. Don't be alarmed, but if you've made a will and then move abroad to live, you might find you need to make changes to it or even make a complementary will to ensure your wishes are carried out, should anything happen. In France, for example, the law favours blood relatives over spouses...just a thought, if you don't want long-lost cousins appearing from the woodwork claiming your best china, get the paperwork in order now...
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Hey Bryant,
I have to add to this message you, Americans, should not think that your last would be handled by a US Probate court.
Property passing by will is a subject to Probate proceedings.
If there is no will, your assets will be distributed according to the intestacy provisions of the country where the deseed person had its last domicile.

E.g. if you lived in Italy at the time of your death, an Italian probate Court will have a jurisdiction ,unless you as an US citizen provided especially in your testament that you wish your last will comes under the provisions of US law.
The probate will still be handled by an Italian Court but US(depends on the State where your assets are located) Wills Trusts law will be applied.
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