Is there no stopping Australian property prices?

Nicholas Wallwork

Nicholas Wallwork

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If we look back to the 2007/8 worldwide economic collapse there was only one country in the Western world which evaded the dreaded recession. Australia managed to avert negative economic growth during these difficult times and the property market went from strength to strength. In many ways it was the massive investment in the mining

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The likes of Sydney, Melbourne, etc are the investment/employment hubs of Australia and as a consequence will continue to attract employers and employees which will increase the need for accommodation. While prices cannot continue to rise forever it does seem as though a mixture of domestic and international investment in these property markets is pushing prices beyond the reach of first-time buyers. Is there still scope for significant long-term appreciation in property prices? Probably, but is there better value elsewhere?


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While many are concerned that foreign investment is pushing Australian property prices out of the reach of first-time buyers, a recent report confirmed that foreign investors have a minimal impact upon Australian property prices. It is more likely the fact that vast areas of Australia are uninhabitable and therefore businesses and employees will congregate in the larger/busier cities. This then creates more demand for property which pushes prices higher and higher.


Perhaps it is time for the Australian government to encourage the creation of new towns and new cities of the future? This would take some of the pressure off property prices in areas such as Sydney which have been pushed to levels which are probably unsustainable in the longer term.