Is Staging an Effective Method to Attract Home Buyers in Dubai?

Is Staging an Effective Method to Attract Home Buyers in Dubai?

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I have read a lot about home selling in general. I am not too sure if people stage their homes or call in staging experts in the UAE or Dubai.
There are a lot of benefits of staging though. Staging has been seen to attract home buyers, it even in some cases helps to add value to the home.


Attracting a potential buyer to your property is the first hurdle, when you have them in the door you can sell the property yourself and the better it looks the greater the interest from buyers. At the end of the day, buyers will probably have their own ideas for the property if they can agree a price. Getting them in the door gives you the chance to sell your property to them!


The key, however you do it, is to make your house stand out - give it a unique selling point. That may be a better kept garden than you neighbour, a new coat of paint to freshen it up. Those who take the time to "stage" their properties ahead of a sale are the ones with more chance of being successful.


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All properties, regardless of their price point, should be prepared and staged the right way.
The buyer should be able to walk into a space that they can envision themselves actually living in, and not a space the seller still lives in. There should be a sense of a new beginning with a clear canvas for the future, without the weight and baggage of the past. Buyers have a limited imagination regarding what they want. They are looking for a curated lifestyle, and staged homes definitely do sell faster and for more money.


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I would prefer to call it "showing your home in the best light". I often think that the majority who make the effort to visit a property have already decided they are interested. It is probably the sellers deal to lose at that stage :)


Staging is a trending option nowadays in Dubai as more and more, Dubai is seen as a great city for investments in the future. People come and buy flats or houses, free from furniture or with it, and a couple of years later, their apartment is higher in price, and they have a city where to come for vacation. And I generally think that if you want to sell your home in a better light, you should get it staged. Use the services of people who cannot only do the staging but help you along the process, just like The same thing can be met in Dubai. Companies offer a wide range of services, and you have to give the money and use everything they offer.