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Is Saudi Arabia Safe?

Discussion in 'New and Emerging Property Markets' started by Joshua, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Joshua

    Joshua New Member

    How safe is Saudi Arabia for expats? I am thinking of taking a 1 year contract and I am planning to buy a flat over there. But my fianc? says I am mad as it's too dangerous.

    Thoughts please of any one living there
  2. cessy

    cessy New Member

    I think it would depend on the exact location in Saudi Arabia. Even if there are a lot of violence in this country in general, there are still some places in it that is far from all the commotion.
  3. Bosphorus Construct

    Bosphorus Construct New Member

    One of the safest Country

    Saudi Arabia is one of the safest country.i lived in Jubail Industrial city around 3 years and Yanbu Industrial City for 6 months.Maybe it is safe but on the other hand it is a country full of restrictions.
  4. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    Joshua. i have seen a poll on another forum,

    Is Saudi Arabia safe for expats?

    Yes - 36%

    No - 42%

    Don't know - 22%
  5. Butaux

    Butaux New Member


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  6. A. Tosch

    A. Tosch New Member

    Hi Joshua,

    I'm an American woman married to a Saudi and I've lived in Jeddah for 11 years. I have never had any problems and I find the people to be very warm and friendly. Please don't listen to all that is mentioned in the media; it is very different from what is actually here.

    I can only speak for my experiences in Jeddah though, I haven't lived in any other city in the Kingdom.

    Yes, there are crazy people just as you would find in any other country!

    I've had a good life here and I would recommend coming here to work.

    Best of luck,

  7. 4runner

    4runner New Member

    Hi, I'm Hani and I live in Riyadh now and don't worry it is safe, but regarding buying a flat there I don't recomend it's still not good for investment, just rent in a nice compound and you will injoy it.

    Take care
  8. Phuket Villas

    Phuket Villas New Member

    I've travelled through Saudi Arabia several times on business and never had any problems (I'm originally from the UK). My main issue at the moment is the extreme drugs scanners they are using at airports, you only seem to have to brush up against somebody who has been using drugs and you can end up in prison. It's put me off going back anytime soon.
  9. rayk150

    rayk150 New Member

    its safe

    the country is safe, if you want trouble you will find it, I am Irish, i have traveled all over the country working, never had a problem, lovely people i thought.
  10. Gashead

    Gashead New Member

    Same in Dubai now. A Brit was recently jailed for 4 years for a piece of dope the size of a single sugar grain that was stuck to the sole of his shoe. Be very, very careful what clothes you wear to Dubai if you travel here.
  11. m1k3

    m1k3 New Member

    Hi hani,

    Could you recommend some good and friendly areas for long term accomodation? I have been offered a job at Riyadh and my wife & I are Malaysian Chinese. Thanks a million for your information.

  12. Lsab

    Lsab New Member

    Hi m1k3,

    Just wondered if you and your wife have now moved to Riyadh and if you have, where have you settled and how are you getting on?

    It's 4 years now since we lived in Riyadh and though we lived in a villa on a private compound (accommodation provided by the hospital in which my husband worked) we visted several other beautiful compounds all with fantastic facilities, so I'm sure you will have found extremely good long term accomodation. When we lived there the compounds all had very high security in place so we always felt safe - though we felt just as safe outside of them too.

    Best wishes
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