Is it wise to invest in Bulgaria

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I am looking to invest in a country which is about to rocket, I have been looking at Northern Cyprus & Bulgaria, I am hearing horror stories about land being snatched etc.

I am very interested because the property prices are so low but I really don’t know anything about the country or what’s going to happen in the future.

I would really appreciate some good advice from somebody who knows the market I am very concerned about making the wrong investment.

Thank you



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Bulgarian property

Hi James,

I think the answer to this question is buying in Bulgaria is a very good idea however I personally don't see it making you massive profits. However in terms of the security of your investment and having fast economic growth I would say that Bulgaria is one of the best investments you can make and "In my opinion" I would choose it over Cyprus, however like anything it depends on what you are buying how much etc etc.....


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for investment no not on main resorts anyway plenty of people with propert to sell and cant back what they payed for them its a great place for holiday if you can aford to buy a place and leave it there


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Look at Northern Cyprus as values there are half of the cost than the Greek side. However, buy pre 74 Turkish Title and get it checked out in Greek Cyriot land office. Mortgages are now available there.



As with any other investment decision you will have to do your math first. There are plenty of investment tools on the net. If you need a ROI worksheet feel free to pm me. Then play with the numbers and see for yourself.

I am based in Sofia where I own an apartment, I have also bought land and an other off plan apartment in Sandanski. Even though some regions in Bulgaria are over developed and over hyped some other still have room to grow. It all depends on your personal goals and time frame.

Best of luck


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Weig up the strengths and weaknesses of what the countrty can do for you. Take your time. Go on inspection trips where you dont feel hassled. Look at the currecy situation. Bulgaria still has a few years yet before the euro will be introduced which is great considering the £ to euro at the moment.

The people are fantastic, cannot fault it.


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The Main Advantages Of Investing In Bulgaria

The investment in the property market in Bulgaria is one of the basic spheres where the investors are concentrating their capitals. There are three key advantages that make the property investment in Bulgaria attractive and preferable for the foreign investor- simplicity, stability, and excellent returns offered by property investment. Bulgaria is such an attractive investment opportunity because it has something for everybody and offers the investor and holiday homebuyer plenty of choice.
I hope this answers your concirnes. :)

Bulgarian Properties Investing
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