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Is it time to look at the Turkish property market?

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by Nicholas Wallwork, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Nicholas Wallwork

    Nicholas Wallwork Editor-in-Chief Staff Member Premium Member

  2. mickthepropertyguru

    mickthepropertyguru New Member

    Could you write a new article with an argument that people can comment on ? Maybe with facts & statistics ? Turkey is a big place !
  3. Nicholas Wallwork

    Nicholas Wallwork Editor-in-Chief Staff Member Premium Member

    Hi Mickthepropertyguru

    Many thanks for your comments about the article.

    I will follow up with a more detailed article over the next few days. The idea of this article is to highlight how Turkey in general has changed and become more attractive to property investors and how the potential problems some overseas investors are experiencing could provide an interesting entry point for other property investors.
  4. mickthepropertyguru

    mickthepropertyguru New Member

    Appologies on my previous post, it was crude amd unthoughtful. I blame the beer :)

    I guess Turkey has the same issues most emerging markets have at the moment. Oversaturation of property is a big issue. But i wonder, is there a market is Turkey that hasn't been tapped. I like Istanbull but there will be an earthquak there in the next 50 years which may cause devastation.
    In the last 10 years, an incredbile numbner of Irish and english people have bought there on the southern coast. I wonder how do they rate their investmnet now ?
    One issue for many was getting a mortgage, since it wasnt available up till 2 years ago.
    And there still isn't any Dual CGT law fpor Ireland.
    Can we call Turkey an emerging market I wonder ?
    I myseld would love to have a holiday home there but i wouldn't call it a crude investment in anyw shape or form.
    But as in every market, during a recession, overseas assets are among the first sold to release liquidity and cash buyers will, and can pick up incredbile bargins.
    But I feel the likes of Italy may take the new hotspot that Turkey had 5 years ago.
    Withprices coming down in every country, I feel the likes of France,Spain and Portugal will get most of the attention as good value assets closer to home for Irish and UK buyers.
  5. rowlandsbb

    rowlandsbb New Member

    'Withprices coming down in every country, I feel the likes of France,Spain and Portugal will get most of the attention as good value assets closer to home for Irish and UK buyers.'

    Agree completely in times of recession money goes to quality and the safe havens

    You do of course have to be selective but for life style buyers these countries are hard to beat and ' very important' easy to get to and cheap flights to the major airports will continue

    Spain has some of the best value for money: near Huercal Overa in the province of Almeria you can get a very nice 2 bed villa on decent plots from circa 150.000 € and for example you can get one on a 700 m2 plot on the edge of town with a pool for 210.000 €- these are built to order just like in UK

    The current trend for life style buyers is for villas like these, circa 25 mins inland in a Spanish environment but not when the granchildren come the sandy beaches between Aguilas and Mojacar are only a short drive away.....and in Huercal Overa there is an indoor and outdoor pool plus all the facilities you need

    Now for investors/ dealers there is a large oversupply of 2 bed apartments hence some good deals out there if you look hard enough Location is as always important

    So what is going to happen when we get through this recession?

    First we will hear a lot about the bad news & cons of all the property disasters which have taken place in the so called emerging markets
    This will make all the problems in Spain in recent years look a touch timid!!!

    But in Spain everything is either cleaned up with new regulations or about to be

    As the economies of the EU start to improve and people start to think about the a holiday home again , they will I suspect look to place like Spain France and havens

    And here we go again.....moving towards the next boom

    So for an investor/ dealer now getting 0% return for cash the prospect of making some money medium term out of Spanish property starts to be ' worth a look'.....but go for the best locations!
  6. Nicholas Wallwork

    Nicholas Wallwork Editor-in-Chief Staff Member Premium Member

    I see that the Turkish Lira has fallen to six-year low against the dollar.

    Interesting times in the overseas property market for the brave?
  7. IrenaJorrnea

    IrenaJorrnea New Member

    Thanks for the effort


    I really love this forum, every time I come here, I’m amazed.
    I read the posts regularly and I have decided to join.

  8. PeterFleming

    PeterFleming New Member


    Hi all...:ahhhhh:
    investing in property at turkey can be a better option keep in mind their property rates. and high quality.
  9. subultypFD

    subultypFD New Member

    I have only three apartments in Berlin remaining available for sale individually (at circa £35,000) or as a package (for £100,000).
  10. Bingul

    Bingul New Member

    I have read all comments. After the global financial crise, Turkey looks very brave and stable. All Turkish banks still have good crediblity, Turkish Economy is still reactive.
    Turkey is getting powerful in the region, politicly. these show how Turkey looks.
    When we check the property price and conditions; the prices are still low and the conditions are very good when you compare with the Spanish and Italian properties.
    you can still buy the 3 beds,double bath oversea house for around 120,000€ - this is very good price.
    and There is one more advantage what is the most important for me; There are still virgin tourism destinations in Turkey where you are able to make very good investments with very little budgets.
  11. 07estates

    07estates New Member

    I think it is really the best time to buy a property in Turkey.

    New buildt villas - Kusadasi - with pool - sea view - garden - security - 200 sqm total villas starting at 125.000 Euro and at time the air conditions are included and you will get from the building construction company a brandnew VW Polo as a present.

    Apartments in Antalya starting from only 29.000 Euro - only 1500 m to the beach

    In Belek youll get Golfvillas starting from only 125.000 Euro

    Villas in Bodrum starting at time from only 75.000 Euro

    Villas in Kas/Kalkan you will get at time for under 150.000 Euro if you have a little luck.

    Also commercial properties are so cheap as never before: actual offer - large 5 stars luxury hotel nearby Alanya directly at the beach - 1100 beds - looks like new - opened in 2008 for only 47.500.000 Euro (Price 1 year before: 85.000.000 Euro)

    Ill think it is a phantastic time to invest in Turkey.
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