Is it safe to buy in Thailand

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looking for advise

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I have been to Thailand to look at buying a wonderful speculative property deal I have seen, I use to live in spain but so many are moving the thailand now for half the price and all year rond sun shine and a lot safer, so many people are buying all ready and looked into the details via the best trusted Property Company I have been using who is so amazingly helpful it all seems to good to be true. even after my many visits now.

What im worried about is the security there with the Military Coup Im told it is very stable but do you know any thing about this area, any advice would be appreciated.

Details of the company Im buying from it is going to be The Largest Residential Property in the World, so fo course the speculators are tripping over themselves to buy knowing the bank lending the money for this property have worked out it will double in price before it has been built.

Welcome to, find your best house and condo in View Talay Jomtien, Pattaya, Thailand
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