Is China not too crowded yet?

Discussion in 'China property' started by cessy, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. cessy

    cessy New Member

    China is known for its massive population and still, there are people who would like to move there. Do you think that moving to China is still a good idea despite the fact that there are already a lot of people there?
  2. 10cents

    10cents New Member

    We can think like the chinese, a lot of people means a huge market. So if we are talking about investments, china is a good place to be in. As a bonus, it's also a beautiful country with a colorful history and culture.
  3. Johnwenleather

    Johnwenleather New Member

    As a chinese myself, I think it's overwhelmed for some sities, but there still be beautiful spots and countrysides where we can enjoy peace and fresh air.
    Now I miss my hometown with trees and clear water...
  4. Lua

    Lua New Member

    Yes, a lot of people means it has a big market!

    you hit by a lot of new ideas, new developments.. everyday.. very exciting!

    shops don't close until 10.30pm, 24 hours restaurants.. beautiful night life..
  5. Phuket Villas

    Phuket Villas New Member

    My understanding was that China has large populations in concentrated areas, outside of that there is still plenty of room and it really is a stunning country.
  6. robertsimon

    robertsimon New Member

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    Chuncatty New Member

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    Weinialia New Member


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  9. mkellerman

    mkellerman New Member

    what are the best regions in China to invest in? Which have the best potential capital growth?
  10. Michel Harry

    Michel Harry New Member

    China is top populous country in the world. Huge population doesn't mean that it is not a good market.

    More Population.................... More Revenue

    Yet the China is developing country. Its economy is becoming strong day by day.
  11. erikko

    erikko New Member

    I must say Shanghai is the best place to invest in if you want to invest in China. They are developing it now as a business district.
  12. benalplaya

    benalplaya New Member

    That is a good question
  13. Lamandier

    Lamandier New Member

    If you are thinking of the capacity of China to accommodate new people who wish to move, China has a lot of space to offer! They maybe have the most people in a country, but China is pretty huge! And when it comes to investing, more people means more possible revenue. It is slowly becoming a powerful nation itself with promising economy. Here are some of the facts of China;

    # Total Land Area of China is 9,596,960 Sq. Kms. It is the fourth largest Country in the World. Shanghai and Beijing are two of the largest and most populous cities in the world.
    # At least 14 countries and 4 seas border China . Since the country is so large, climate is extremely varied - it is sub arctic in the North and Tropical in the South.

    # The population of China according to a July 2006 estimate is 1,313,973,713. It is officially the most populated country in the world. The Chinese Government has adopted a "one child" policy in an effort to curb the high numbers. Unfortunately this also makes China one of the fastest aging countries .
  14. Dave_Velasco

    Dave_Velasco New Member

    Best regions are those close or a tourist spot in China where a lot of people go into and visit. That maybe a good factor in choosing a good place for investment.
  15. mariaambugnao

    mariaambugnao Banned

    I think all the places in the world are too crowded but you just need to be very keen in choosing place where you will live a place that you think you will grow as a person and a place where you will succeed in life. China is already over populated but still a successful country.
  16. chinalandlord

    chinalandlord New Member

    China is good for business, but surely not good for living

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