Is Bulgaria A Good Place?

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Hi all,
It is to become part of the EU soon. There is already a lot of property development underway geared for British, In Bulgaria you can buy a property before it is built. I would never trust the builder in this situation. It would be good if there was a Bulgarian expat message board somewhere so i could get unbiased info.
Incidentally just down the road in Hungary there are a huge number of dentists running a thriving medical tourist industry charging less than half of UK dentist rates.


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Hi Kristopher
I reckon those that have bought in Bulgaria will get a right royal one up the tradesman?s' once it all goes pear here. In much the same way that it's the council flat junk in scary areas that get caned the most in a housing downturn, it's junk countries like Bulgaria that'll get hammered when Brits are forced to sell up cos they're hurting here in the UK.
then there's the lack of any true regulation, planning, transparency, orderly market...not to mention irked locals, bully boy mafia, crime * weird local customs....a bit like buying a council flat in Liverpool as it goes.
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Hi Kristopher,
It will, of course be far worse in chavlands like Bulgaria.
They don?t have the history and tradition to carry over respect for property that we do.
Once the brits stop compliantly giving them 1000 x annual wages for a concrete bunker converted from a missile silo or torture chamber see what they do.
Expect to lose it all AND get fined / have small body parts removed without anesthetic.
Thank you
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