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Investor Visa & Property purchase in Salvador

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by esben, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. esben

    esben New Member

    Hi all

    I’m considering applying for an ’investor visa’ for Brazil. Not because I’m planning to buy a lot of property, but more because I have some other work/family projects + a total liking for this country. This ‘investor visa’ allows me to work in Brazil in any enterprise, and can be switched to a permanent visa after 4-5 years, both which has top priority for me right now.

    The minimum amount I need to invest is 50000US$
    The city I plan to live in is Salvador
    I plan to stay long term in Brazil

    1) Has anyone tried to apply for this investor visa, and how was your experience with the process?? How long time did it take, lawyers used, payments/fees, bureaucracy etc??

    2) What recommendations can you give as to what type of property I could invest in (if I chose to invest in property)? I know its not a huge castle I’ll get for 50-80000US$, but can someone try and draw a picture of what value I can get for this type of money in Salvador, and what I can rent it out for?? Preferable I’d like to buy a ‘solid’ existing apartment in a somewhat ok neighborhood and rent it out long term to Brazilians (so as not to rely on in-out tourists) BUT it’s also very tempting to try and raise more money and make a bid for a plot where some tycoon is building a future holiday/other resort. Or something completely different.

    I'm pretty green in the brazil property investment business, so any advice for a beginner like me is very welcome. And let me know if you want more information from me:)

  2. debzor

    debzor New Member

    Hi Esben

    Yes, I have such a visa, but as I live on the tropical island of Itamaraca in Pernambuco further up the coast, I can only advise you on the property situation here. To start with visit Home for more immigration info.

    If you want to discuss personal matters, pm or email me.

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