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Discussion in 'Malaysia property' started by bernicelowhj, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. bernicelowhj

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    I am considering to invest in the So Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Residences which is located in KLCC. Any feedback on this property? Is it a good time to invest in Malaysia's property market?
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    I wonder if the Far East might get caught up in the trade war between China and the USA?
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    Are you planning to invest in KLCC area ? There are few projects where the developer is giving out a GRR. Or perhaps you can use the service of an operator of homestay to manage your property
  5. Trey

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    Now (Oct 2019) is a good tike to invest in Malaysia as the property market is back to reasonable price unlike few years ago was really over priced. You may ask for discount, SPA fee waived and even cash rebate from developer when you but new property.
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    To be fair, Malaysia is not the first country to use various incentives to attract property investors. Just look at Spain and Portugal in the aftermath of the 2008 US mortgage crisis. In fairness, these actions did exactly what they were expected to do, support property prices to a certain extent.

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