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Investment in Doha, Qatar?

Discussion in 'New and Emerging Property Markets' started by desmond, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. desmond

    desmond New Member

    Was wondering what to expect on life in Doha, Qatar.
    As Brits living in NZ this last 4 years, hubby flies out to Doha next week and I will follow later.
    Am looking forward to some (very) hot weather, more so that NZ is now into winter and it is freezing!
    Be interested to hear what life, work, etc is like in Qatar, (warts and all). If all suit then we will buy a house there soon and may be we will keep it as overseas investment right now.
  2. raul

    raul New Member

    It was our first choice but then this position came up with Qatar, Canadian PQS company, newly opened office in Qatar (already in Oman, Dubai and Abu Dhabi) and needed a 2nd in command to a Brit who was being put in charge (now arrived there), so it sounded a good package, good deal etc.
    However I know of a Snr QS with Middle East experience who is looking to work back in Dubai.
  3. hiszein

    hiszein New Member

    Doha - Qatar is a moderate city , a lot of new buildings as they are on the same track like Dubai , The Governemt is spending a lot of money to change the city.
    The Weather is hot most of the time but everywhere is air conditioned.
    When I was there last March it was windy with a sand storm and the weather was really bad. Re investing in Qatar , during the Asia Olympic games which was held last year , the rentals went up more than 4 times and after the games were over prices didn't go down to the normal !!!!
    I will try to update you if I remembered something else :)
  4. medseA


    good idea to buy away - from the new u.s. airbase in quatar
  5. amnesia

    amnesia New Member

    Some amazing property developments have popped up around Qatar to be honest.

    You've got The Palm Towers, Pearl, Lusail, Salam, and so much more. Search on youtube for Qatar Mega Projects. That'll help show a few. It's an exciting time.
  6. amnesia

    amnesia New Member

    oh don't forget the Lagoon Towers (Zig Zag towers). The world's tallest leaning towers.
  7. DohaSteve

    DohaSteve New Member

    I have invested in the Qatar property market with a couple of apartments on one of the best developments in the Pearl project. So far, it looks as if it was a sound investment, but then again something is only worth what someone else will pay for it. Both apartments are on the market now and will be ready to move into 31st November. I will post as soon as one (or both) are sold and let you know if it was worth it or not.
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