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Investment in Bulgaria as attractive as Spain

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by drew, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. drew

    drew New Member

    According to our opinion and because we have been doing a lot of Bulgarian real estate sites lately, many Englishmen invest in buying houses in Bulgaria, because the prices are very low. After Bulgaria becomes a member of the EU in 2007 the prices will become the same as in the EU market. Have you heard about this increase of the deals? We are not in the real estate business and it would be interesting for us to know whether Bulgaria will become an attractive destination as Spain for example.
  2. fabian

    fabian New Member

    Hi Drew,
    Bulgaria has become extremely popular over the last few years both as an investment property nd a vacation property. Mongolia however is quickly becoming another very popular investment destination. This is largely being driven by the recent discoveries of gold, copper and coal in the Gobi desert, positioned just above China, the largest consumer of these raw materials in the world.

    As there is not adequate housing to serve the incoming mining community international investors are essentially financing the construction of new apartment blocks.
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