Investing in Romania



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My name is George, and I am new to the forum.
I live in Romania, currently I am in college, which I will finish next year.

If anyone is interested in investing in Romania, maybe I can help. I have many contacts in the real estate business, and I can find a good place for your investment.

Prices are raising very fast here, and it will be like that for at least a few years. You can always find a good opportunity to invest.
I can give many examples if you want.

If anybody is interested, let me know and maybe we can work something out.



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Romania is located in Europe, and since this year, is part of the European Union.
You can find more information about Romania on Wikipedia (I am not allowed to post url here, just go to google and type Romania wikipedia and you`ll find it)

Real estate had a boom in the last few years, appartment and land prices have doubled and tripled. This is mainly for Bucharest (capital city).

Everyone is building new residential areas, or just one appartment building. In short, you buy an old building or a few hundred square metres of land in a good area and you start building.
There a lots of appartment buildings raising and most of them are already sold even before they start digging.
A new trend is starting a building, then selling it while still in construction.
For example, you buy 1000 square metres, start building 10 floors. At this point, you have 10.000 metres of space for sale.

You can also buy land outside the city, and wait for the prices to raise.

Also, one can buy a few appartments, make some renovation and rent or sell them for profit.
For example, a friend of mine bought an appartment last summer for 57.000 EUR. The appartment was a mess, they redone the whole place, worth of 15.000 EUR.
Now the appartment is worth over 120.000 EUR.

Please let me know what kind of information are you exactly interested in and I will get back to you with figures.


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No, it`s not been sold yet, they bought it for personal use, but talking to someone at a real estate agency, they got that estimate.

I personally don`t have the resources to buy anything yet, as I am only 21 and in college.
That is why I am willing to support anyone interested in investing here with information, guidance, etc.