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    I have a friend that took interest in investing in Natal area, and i dont know the area well enough to advice him. He wanted to create an account on this website but apparently the registration for new users has been disabled for some reason.

    He is in contact with a company called SPC Overseas. By any luck anyone has experience with them ?
    He was looking 2 structured investments and asked my opinion.

    I have tried to find some info or references online for them but couldn’t find much. Any opinion or advice on those ?

    he is also in contact with UV 10 with a project in Natal called Natal Beach Cup
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    all advice and comments welcome ;-)

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    You can trust UV10.
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    The purpose

    Hi Anthony!

    It all depends the intention of your friend. If he's interested only in investing, I recommending buy appartments in the City, to resell it after conclusion to the Brazilian Market.

    If he's looking for beach houses/apartments to rent or resell it later, than the South side of Natal still have the best options, with personal attention to Cotovelo's beach. (Really charming beach, close to Natal - less than 15 km).

    The Cotovelo's beah has only nice houses nearby. And probably will increaste it's values in the next 5 years, depending of the project that you invest in.
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    from personal experience over the last 5 years of working for a company developing land in the North East of Brazil, i have found there are not many people at all that can be trusted in this industry
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    Have you heard of Ecohouse? Any comment?

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    Hello Anthony tell your friend not to bother.
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    For about a year they haven't paid any investor their money + 20% back.
    All around the globe. Only in Singapore they owe some $ 100 million.
    Small investors in Singapore, more then 1000, are desesperately waiting for any answer of Ecohouse.
    Ecohouse disappeared, and closed their offices in Singapore this week.
    These poor people lost their life savings.
    Just a few weeks ago the MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore), their central bank, has put Ecohouse on the black-list.
    According information Ecohouse didn't finished or sold a single social house in Natal the last year, 2013, although they collected enough money from investors worldwide to build some 4-5 thousand.
    Build, finish, sell and pay the investors back.
    They simply disappeared with our money.

    Just use your Google tool and use the words, or make a combination of them:

    Ecohouse - MAS - singapore - propertyguru
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