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investing in dubai

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by DubaiDMC, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. DubaiDMC

    DubaiDMC New Member

    if you had 1.2million USD to invest in dubai, would you buy a villa or 3-4 smaller apartments units.

    let me know your thoughts.

    thank u
  2. alybizz

    alybizz New Member

    Buy & Sell


    Full Floor/Half floor/Quarter Floor is adivsable in that budget, Buy and sell in shorter span to capitalise the returns.

  3. misch.chief

    misch.chief New Member

    I quite agree, when it comes to Dubai go for the quick return (at first) and todo this you cant go for the villas (most of the time)
  4. Go West

    Go West New Member

    Through my extensive work sourcing lucrative property investments for my clients (as a buyers agent) I can recommend you to buy off the plan property. This way you are ripping the best capital gains and if you keep the property you will also rip the best rental return.
    I will recommend to spread your investments over different areas of Dubai buying some medium -long term property investments and some short term property investments.
    Dubai can be very confusing with the fact that there are lots of new developments and it is very hard to know where is a good place and what development is good and safe to invest your money with.
    Please don't go with anyone who tells you anything -make your research first as there are a lot of real estate agents out there that will sell you anything just to make themselves a quick dollar. believe me I know as I don’t work for any individual developer or real estate company and I constantly searching and investigating good property deals for my clients I came across some real cowboys.
    I wish you good luck with your investments and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question about Dubai property market.
    I have lots of knowledge which I'm happy to share with anyone.
  5. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    How did tens of thousands of Brits end up with city centre properties in places like Manchester, Leeds, Colchester, Bristol and Leicester that HAVE NO RENTAL DEMAND?

    My fellow investors it is essential you do your own homework and ignore the 'advice' of agents. They will not be around to help you let your properties.

    Exactly who is your future tnenat, where will he come from?

    Test it right now. Call these selling agents and pretecnd you have a place ready to let. Lets see how helpful they are when it really comes to the nitty gritty.

    Im not saying you cant make money in Dubai but you must recognise some poeple will not fare well. The trick is to decide which category you will fall into.

    REMEMBER; All property is descibed as 'luxury', 'unique' or 'an investro special'. This is all just meaningless hyperbole.

    ASK YOUR AGENT RIGHT NOW FOR ABSOLUTE 1005 PROOF OF THE WAITING TENANTS. Then go test the tenant demand yourself.
  6. mickthepropertyguru

    mickthepropertyguru New Member

    Investy, i think the advise you give is excellent and any individual with little experience should really be taking notes. For me a development can only be described as luxurious if it has an elevator (especially if its 4 or more floors) and its spacious with a low density of apartments in an excellent area.
    Everything these days seems to be luxurious in center of CBD and only a stretch of the legs away from amenities. Google Earth is a great tool i think as it give invaluable information on the location and the proximity to important locations.
    I have seen pictures taken from developments showing how close the development are to lakes, sea etc and i cant understand how they get it to look so close. On Google Earth it looks like a 5 or more minute walk to the lake and a good 15 - 20 minute or more to the CBD. But its been described as a 5 minutes to the CBD by the developer and agent when this has to be impossible ! Research is the difference between poor man and a rich man.
  7. mickthepropertyguru

    mickthepropertyguru New Member

    Give us an example

    Hello GW, Would you give us an example of how you would invest the above budget ? As i think it would produce a great topic for discussion.
  8. DubaiDMC

    DubaiDMC New Member

    thank you for your responses guys, some very useful info coming through...
  9. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Dubai - would Warren Buffet buy there?

    No. He gets scared when everyone else is buying, he gets interested when everyone else is scared.

    Dubai is at the top of the current cycle. Places for investors are the US and Germany, not Dubai.
  10. The Soup Dragon

    The Soup Dragon Senior Member

    Investy. I think the US has much more to fall before its time to get in. Dubai isn't for me either.
  11. DubaiDMC

    DubaiDMC New Member

    what information do you currently have the shows that dubai has had it??

  12. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    Investy isn't saying that Dubai has had it, merely that it is peaking, which is why investors like Buffett wouldn't be interested.
  13. Go West

    Go West New Member

    Hi Investy I really appreciate your opinions about the Dubai property market.
    Although this thread is not discussing this debate this thread is discussing what way would someone invest 1.2 million us dollars in Dubai property.
    I’m not saying yes you are right or not you are wrong (even though I disagree with your opinion) everyone entitled for their own opinions, but please stop soiling good thread and discussions by throwing your negative opinion about Dubai property market (which anyway you don't know much about as I read some of your other blurbs on other thread you soiled and you showed complete ignorance as for the Dubai property market ways - which you are strongly advising against).
    Again I'm not here to say you wrong but if you want to have a discussion about this issues that you address please start your own New thread you can call it "would Warren Buffet buy in Dubai -I don't think so" and you can discuss this issue for days and weeks with other people.
    Thank you for your opinion we would love to see you starting a new thread
  14. Go West

    Go West New Member

    when you are looking at investing any funds in property it really comes down to personall preferences and final goal but what I find with most of my clients is that they are after making the most amount of money in the fastest and safest way.
    Of course it is never totally safe to invest your money in property,shares,businesses or anything as the market can always change look at a shares scenario -one day you have x amount of shares worth 2.3 dollars each and the next day the stock market had a fall and your x amount of shares worth 90 cents each, it can happen with property and it can happen with anything you put your money towards.
    My area of business is Dubai property-I have lots of knowledge about it as I been working as a buyers agent sourcing investment property to allot of different investors with a diverse amount of budget and financial goals.
    I can happily say there is not one client of mine who didn't make very good profit from a property I located for them.

    Back to how I would invest 1.2mill us dollars which according to today’s exchange rate is dhs4,406,760.120.

    I would split this amount and purchase few properties in different locations within Dubai and also look at different properties as for short/medium/long term investments
    For example
    I would buy a ready town house in an area like the springs (I have found two brilliant deals about this kind of properties)
    we are looking at around 2mill dirham (I have found one for 1.8 mill)for this kind of property and you get a rental return of around 8%.
    This area is very desirable for rentals and you would not have any trouble with renting your property.
    I would suggest investing in this property as you will be getting an instant return back from your investment plus your investment going up in value. I strongly believe this area will have a big capital rise in the next two years as well.
    This will be -medium to long term investment with an instant return.

    let’s say you bought the town house I found for 1.8 mill dhs that leaves us with dhs2606760 to continue to invest with.
    Next I will buy off the plan property at pre launch price at Dubai world central
    this is a new business -logistics district situated in a brilliant location as it is close to the new airport and shipping docs.
    I will look at commercial property over here and suggest to invest around 1.8 million dirham in a property.
    This will act as your medium to long term investment as well -you should expect massive capital gain here within the next 2-3 years.
    (I know of a very good deal coming up in the next few weeks over here)

    Lets say you bought a commercial property here in DWC for dhs1.8 mill.
    This will leave us with a remaining budget of dhs806760

    The remaining amount I will invest in off the plan property at pre lunch or launch prices in either Dubai sport city, Jumeriah village south, or ras al khaima.
    those will act as your short term investments as prices are going up rapidly in those areas and you can resell your unit or units very easily for a very good financial gain.

    I know of a very good opportunity in Ras Al khaima at the moment -it is a freshly launched development on Rak new man made island Al Marjan, it is a beach front property selling from dhs425000 with 15 year payment plan (very easy on you as an investor) they also give you a guaranteed return of 12% for three years.
    I think this property is a very good investment as I strongly believe any beach front property on Al Marjan island will appreciate dramatically in the next 1-3 years

    so I would suggest to buy one or two of those units and resell one of them just before completion and keep one for few years.

    I can suggest many other ways and areas to invest this kind of budget -Again it is all depends on the client wishes and goals.
    Good luck with your investing and feel free to ask me for advice
  15. DubaiDMC

    DubaiDMC New Member

    sorry, i misunderstood. in that case, why do you think it is peaking?
  16. jacob

    jacob New Member

    Hi, I certainly agree with you. I was thinking the same.

    Thanks for sharing your thought!
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