Invest retire in sanya hainan-chinese hawaii



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Beautiful, charming, World-class tourist destination. Sanya, Hainan Island is located in the southernmost part, 18 meridian east of the coastline for 209 kilometers. Blue sea, sand like butter, coconut trees whirling, fragrant grass Hero, the blue sky, known as the "Oriental Hawaii" . Sanya, recognized as the most suitable for human habitation. Four Seasons here in like springs, the average temperature is 25.4 degrees. Sanya air quality known as a "Natural oxygen bar".

Sanya real estate industry developpe extremly quick, the price rise quickly also, but it is still very cheap compare with other seashore places. Good moment to invest now. In the next three years the price will double or triple.

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Very nice indeed so what are the requirements for a british national,and are the properties sold as freehold?.
What else should a european buyer know regarding the property market in China?.


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All property in China is sold as 'leasehold' with the lease of the land being held by the government.

Generally, in order to purchase property in China you must have been resident here for one year. However, I have 3 condos for sale which are individually owned by Hong Kong companies, which circumvents the need for residency. Please reply here if you would like more details.

Residency in China is generally quite hard to come by, but Sanya has a different visa structure to the rest of China meaning you can arrive without a visa and arrange this at the airport, although can only stay for 30-90 days before leaving to renew. The other option is be get a work visa, but this is becoming more difficult.