Invest in Sanya-Tropical paradise in China



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Beautiful, charming, World-class tourist destination. Sanya, Hainan Island is located in the southernmost part, latitude 18 meridian east of the coastline for 209 kilometers. Blue sea, sand like butter, coconut trees whirling, fragrant grass Hero, the blue sky, known as the "Oriental Hawaii" . Sanya, recognized as the most suitable for human habitation. Four Seasons here in like springs, the average temperature is 25.4 degrees. Ideal for holiday and retirement life. The real estate price has double or trible since 2003, in the next few years, the price will continue goes up. for more informations you can look at
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I agree - Sanya is a beautiful area. However, I think it still has a long way to go in terms of international standards for service etc. However, given this I still think it is a good place to invest in and in the long term the rewards will be considerable.


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What are the best investment opportunities in Hainan today?

I hear there will be a new high speed railway. Is this significant

What are the trends today?