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Hello There Everyone!
I am new onto this site and wanted to introduce myself.:)
My name is Sema and i live in Çaliş Beach / Fethiye and i am the Sales and Marketing Manager for a property developer called VEGA STARS GROUP.

A small private company owned by Cemal Ergunce (who started off 35 years ago in the building trade and as a stone mason) and now runs the entire company. We specialise in traditional Stone Villas- beautiful properties, all private with own pools, gardens and parking.

25% DISCOUNT FOR 2009- a little offer we have for clients for this year, with prices starting at just 72500GBP for a private villa you cant go far wrong!

We also have a SHOCK CAMPAIGN which gives our clients extras with their property, which include:
Delivery promised within 4 months, fully customised to your standard, and if we fail to do so, 5000 GBP compensation will be paid WEEKLY to you until completion.:eek:

You choose the location (anywhere in Turkey) and we will build your property.:eek:

You get to fully customise your property- including tiles, kitchens, bathrooms, even the shape and size of your pool!:eek:

10 years guarantee with the property and 1 year rental guarantee:eek:

WE cover the costs of- your swimming pool, satellite, solar energy system, thermal waters, jacuzzi, sauna, air con and white goods.:eek:

No deposit, advance payment or guarantor required (you use an individual lawyer who will hold money on your behalf- only to be paid when you are satisfied!):eek:

We have so many projects and designs- If anyone is looking for property- or just wants some information please get in touch with me and i would be more than happy to fill you in!

Speak Soon :)
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