International City - Nakheel Complaint Letter Template

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here it is!

Mods, perhaps make this post a sticky to save people from finding it in the threads?


Edit: The updated document is attached to this post as a word document and as a text file.


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cheers! one thing i noticed in the letter is that it links to the C4 forums (ARRGHH!) which has now has the thread removed. Worth noting.


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yes, that would be VERY handy especially if the template is used, it wont be professional linking to a deleted thread at C4. Nice work :)


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Source of complaint document

Its nice to see that my complaint letter template is spreading around different forums. I hope people are using it and compaining to Nakheel. I still haven't received any reply from them yet but still hopefull that enough complaints can prompt some kind of useful reply from them.

If anyone does get any kind of reply then please let us all know about it.

Here is a link the page and source of the complaint letter.


I will update the links in the template frmo the channel 4 site to the main International City complain forums soon.


This is a first...a written response from nakheel re the high service charges. This is in response to the template I used that someone had put on the ch4 forum page.......

Further to you e-mai below, please be informed that the service charges have been calculated as a cost per square foot of saleable/lettable
area for the urban community infrastructure. Design reports, drawings, technical specifications, operational requirements, service levels, commercial contracts and tender documents have been used to prepare the
service charges model.

The service charges for International City include:

Contribution to the master community service charge;
Repair and maintenance expenses;
Cost of labour, material equipment, third party hire and supplies;
Statutory rates, taxes and charges;
Expenses and charges for utilities and services;
Insurance premiums;
Landscaping expenses;
Administrative and professional expenses;
Management costs, and provision for future maintenance and repairs.

Please note:

The service charge that owners are being charged is for one calendar
year. The first financial period will be for a 12 month period. The remaining portion of the service charge, for the end of the first
financial period (31st December 2007) will be collected at a later stage.

The service charge does not cover the maintenance of the internal area of a unit. This service charge has been collected to meet the costs of maintaining COMMON PROPERTY only.

Any budget surplus or deficit at the end of the financial year will be carried over to the next accounting period. The owners association
members can then take the financial position into account when setting the next budget. They will have the option of increasing / reducing the next year service charges to absorb any surplus / deficit from the
previous financial year. There are no refunds given.
Should you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Sara Mohammed
Customer Relationship Coordinator
Nakheel Customer Services Centre
Nakheel PJSC
P O Box 17777
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 390 3333
Direct: +971 4 365 8705
Fax: +971 4 390 3314
Email: [email protected]
Web: Nakheel, Where the Vision of Dubai Gets Built


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Wow I'm so happy that someone managed to get a reply. I don't know how they decide who to reply to because I sent my email before Christmas and still haven't got any reply.
Another good thing is that we now have a name and email address of someone in Nakheel who is connected to International City.
I'll update the template with this new contact name.


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So am I, I wonder why, we have all paid Nakheel a 2% transfer fees, only not to be acknowledged by them???? This money goes into their pockets just to print out the 3/4 pages of the Contract agreement & to register our name in their records as the legitimate title holder of the property. Then they want more money to liase with the land department & they will not handove the keys to us untill we complete our obligations to the land department i.e. pay the registry charges etc.

Fact is Nakheel has made sure that individual unit holders are not able to get together to commence joint action against blatant service lapses. & I hope in the future, once we do get our keys, we are able to keep focus on our best interests, i.e. maximum capital appreciation & maximum rental returns in our dealings with Nakheel.


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I would be grateful if someone created a complaint template for the blatant charges levied by property agents to the extent of 5-11% of the property value. These complaints should be sent ot Dubai Land Department so that some action may be taken. DLD has not replied to my complaint. Just kept mum just like Nakheel was!!!! MUMMMMM!!!!!

One more thing, once we are owners of property, if we sell it, what has nakheel got to do with it? why do we have to take appointments and pay charges to initiate the transfer, and from what I hear there is big waiting list for getting appointments, so basically construction delays coupled with selling delays, seems like a strategy so that buyers resell seldom to artificially keep prices stable!!!


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Is this a template ARY customers can use - my parents - who are now retired and have worked very hard for their money - look like they are being conned too!!!

I know that nakheel are the developers who have added on a charge - but there are also other charges that cannot be accounted for by ARY.

Totaling to an extra £3000 -
Its disgusting that people can con pensioners out of their money.


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Some good templates, but may I suggest that people use it as an example and write an individual letter that is unique to their experiences, as this will ensure that the person who reads through it will understand your individual issues, and hopefully provide a response that is acceptable to you. I also suggest that you make demands for answers to certain issues, and be persistent, if they don't reply or give you a good answer just keep writing letters, eventually they will hopefully give you the answers and resolve your issues. Best of luck with the complaints!


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Appartment transfer from Dubai Land Department ?


We have appartment in England Cluster ? We have to transfer on our name with have power of attorny from old owner ? Dubai Land Department started the transfer ??

050 9606227
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