Interested in foreign investment specially in Bulgaria

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Hello all,
I am very keen to get into property investment, but I am worried as I haven't had any experience of it as yet.
I am particularly interested in buying property abroad, I have heard a few good things about countries such as Bulgaria.
Please share your thoughts/opinions/advice,



hi Jackson, if your interested in purchasing property in Bulgaria now is the time to do it. prices are set to rise. i purchased in 2005 in a small rural village in yambol. its a popular village now with many brits residing there. you can buy property from as little as 5000euros. i would recomend it to anyone, i have no regrets . we are currently renovating the property and have made lots of friends in BG. if you are interested in investing in this country visit my website below. good luck Tracy

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Hi Jackson,

Bulgaria has something to offer everyone at some of the most inexpensive prices in Europe.Property prices are certainly amongst the lowest in Europe for a number of reasons:

demand is pushing prices further ahead. In particular, prices for new-build apartments in Sunny Beach and Varna area are hitting 1,000 euros per sq. metre and many developments are now sold out. In my opinion prices for this type of property should see some stabilization.

On the other hand, prices for new build houses are still very reasonable and you can purchase a brand new villa for less than 100,000 euros or 70,000 pounds – this represents fantastic value. Alternatively, why not invest in land and ask us to help you build your own dream home?

If you need other advices do not hesitate to contact me I will be happy to help .




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If you are looking for investment , I would recomend off plan project. They are at good price, and you can rent out for 2-3 years and sell it with nice profit.
I did it 2 times already and made about 40,000 Euro for 3 years.
PM me for more info!
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