Infrastructure developments boosting Thai condo market

Discussion in 'Thailand property' started by Nicholas Wallwork, Jul 10, 2013.

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    Ambitious infrastructure plans have resulted in an upsurge in Thailand’s property investment potential with Pattaya and Bangkok having the potential to become real estate hot spots, it is claimed. Some US$72 billion is being spent in the next four years on major projects such as a new system of rail networks connecting Thailand’s major Northern [...]

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    Could continuing political unrest in Thailand halt the growth in real estate prices or will international investors see this as an opportunity to buy on weakness?
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    Real Estate investment in Thailand is still a popular option among investors, as even foreigners are getting used to Thailand’s upheavals. But some of them are now worried about seeing the same situation over and over without any clear long term solution.
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    Foreigners Purchasing Property in Thailand

    The best thing about the processions in Thailand was that they were very peaceful and the tourism wasn't effected much. Tourists were unaffected by the processions and were enjoying the beaches!


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