Inflation in August is the lowest of the last 11 months

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The country's official inflation rate, measured by the National Index of Consumer Prices to Broad (IPCA) back to 0.28% in August, having recorded rate of 0.53% in the previous month. It was the lowest rate since September 2007 (0.18%) and also was below recorded in August 2007 (0.47%). Last year, the IPCA accumulates high of 4.48%, higher than that recorded in the same period of 2007 (2.80%); already closed for 12 months in August to raise accumulated is 6.17%, lower than to the 6.37% recorded in the immediately preceding twelve months.
The data were released today (5) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) and show that the slowdown in inflation in August was driven mainly by the behaviour of prices of food.
(uol 05-09-2008)
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