Indie Dev looking for Agents and experts


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I have been working on a property portal as my side project for a few months now and I have a pretty descent MVP going.

What I really need to learn is what it’s going to take to get agents interested in uploading their properties.

Currently I also have an iOS application which allows anyone to upload a property, any thoughts on that concept?

There is an extremely basic placeholder at Salee.Io but the new site is days away from releasing.

Would love to chat, lots of ideas to work through!


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Hi Jonathan,

I can very likely help out with attracting and onboarding PAYING agents!

I've built and sold portals previously. the last one with over 4,000 monthly subscriptions and pay per lead agents globally.

Be happy to have a chat about the pitfalls and upsides of different models.

Drop me a line at [email protected] and we'll set up a call if you want too.