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Hi All
Well finally got ontop of chores (not generated by me you undrstand but as result of husband and son being left to their own devices for a week!) so can give some feedback on my trip to Hurghada.

Although I have been to Egypt before this was my first trip to Hurghada , a trip that personnaly I felt I had to make before I could decide on a future holiday home/investment. I am so glad I did.

I do believe that no amount of reading/ research can substitute for actually going there and getting a feel for the place, culture and people. In all the literature that I read it mentoned that this was a small fishing village that had grown enormousely and was continuing to grow at a pace. I am not sure whether I had this at the back of my mind but I was surprised at how spread out and open it was. Open , wide roads on the outskirts of town that had buildings at variouse stages of construction everywhere you looked. The nearer the centre you got it was obviuosley busier and again buildings at variouse stages of construction everywhere, with some appearing to have been 'left' for some time.

My initial thoughts on seeing all this construction was where will all the people come from to inhabit all these apartments!

Before going to Hurghada I had a shortlist of properties that I wanted to view , I had developed a criteria sheet for our family needs and the ones chosen I felt at that time would meet most of them . I thought this method would be the best use of my time there , although I was prepared to see other developments that my agent felt would meet our requirements, I think it is worthwhile saying at this point that the agent I asked to support/advise me in this venture was chosen after research and recommendations had been undertaken.

Initial discussions with my agent were undertaken and arrangements made to view developments and assess the area. I did see one development 'independantly' as when I initially started my search for property in Hurghada this particular developer was most helpful so I had arranged to meet his partner whilst out there.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to SAMEH (Red Sea Residencia) for giving me an 'insiders' tour of the area and showing me their development. He was very freindly , open and honest and this was very much appreciated. Even when Sameh was informed that I didnt think this development met all our family needs he remained helpful and friendly and I am sure we will keep in contact.

I am really glad that I went out to view my shortlist as some of the development/areas were not as I imagined (I accept that this could have been a combination of my 'rose tinted' glasses and website 'artist liscence!) .

I must say again I could not get over the amount of building work being undertaken , which made me become more aware of resale and the need for a 'carrot' to entice buyers to my apartment as apposed to the one next door or in the next block.

All my requirements and anxieties were discussed in detail with my agent who I had asked from the outset to be honest and (being a 'northern lass!') to the point with his feedback. On getting to know him better I ealise he would have been like this anyway without me requesting it.

So I whittled it down to 2 possibles , I went to see the first one and was impressed as it seemed to offer something different and did tick a lot of the boxes on my prepared criteria spreadsheet!!!! However when I went to the site of the next one I made my mind up straight away , this ticked the boxes and had the 'feeling' factor thrown in. So I reserved an apartment staright away.

What have I learnt from this trip.

There is no substitute for going and seeing for yourself 'one persons heaven is anothers hell'

A good agent is a godsend, I like to have all the information available to enable me to make my own informed descision and dont like it if I feel as if I am being 'directed' in any way. The agent I had met my needs explicately.

The people are very freindly ( I was doing some internet research on the Developer of the apartment I had chosen and also asked hotel staff and taxi driver who were very informative)

Hurghad is getting bigger by the day and feel if the rate of development of the residential and tourist areas continues at the pace of the last year in next couple it will be a holiday destination to match the best.

The Esplanade area is lovely , very clean with an air of exclusivity and oppulance .

The Marina area when fully up and running will be a nice place to eat and stroll

Shopping There are a few Malls that are easily accessable and more on the way, a lot of touristy type souvenier shops all over

Overall everything you need within a short taxi ride (which is very cheap)

I think they main thing that the Tourist Office need to address is to try and encourage people to get out and about , when I went to Esplanade it was very quiet, ok it was during the day but think majority of people are staying in their all inclusive hotels.

The area feels very safe, at first all the security was disconcerting but now beleive its not inplace because of problems but to deter them which I think it does.

Thats it for now , I think I have rambled a bit and am sure if you have managed to stay to the end you are sick of reading!

If I can think of anything else will post again , Also have some photos of Oasis Resort that I took for a poster on here and pictures of furniture packs that were in one of the developments that I visited. As soon as I sort out how to get the pictures on I wil!

Bye Then



Great informative post

Hi Annette and welcome home to sunny england :cool:

I really enjoyed reading your post, it brought back a lot of good memories for me of the last time we were in Hurghada almost 2 years ago. I remember some construction going on, which I think is possibly the new marina area now. We stayed at the Grand Resort hotel when we were there and couldn't fault it really, the only thing that would have made it perfect if only it was the other side of the road, on the beach front. I agree, it is important to tick at least 8 out of 10 of your boxes, not just for yourself, but for rental/investment potential too. Afterall, the average family holiday in the sun does require beach front and all amenities close by.

Looking forward to seeing your pics :D

Hurry up! LOL


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Hi Annette - what a lovely post. I certainly wasn't sick of reading it by the end...I wanted more:) I'm really glad that you're trip was so successful and thank you for telling us all about it. :)

With regard to agents/developers that you would recommend - there is a thread to post that information if you'd like to. Recommendations - and the opposite - are very helpful for other members.