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Ideas for flipping?

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by defc0nx, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. defc0nx

    defc0nx Banned


    I want to know which properties would be good for flipping (short term investment 2-3 months). Mizin remraam seems to be a good bet and some of the "to be completed" apartments in JLT. Any idea which paticular area i should go for? and what percentage of premium should i be targetting.

    All input in this regard will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  2. defc0nx

    defc0nx Banned

    Btw! Initial investment budget is between AED 500,000 - 750,000
  3. hsgulati2008

    hsgulati2008 New Member

    With the amount of corpus you want to invest, I suggest that you buy 3-4 small units (Studio / 1BR) in different projects to hedge your risk and return:

    I recommend the following projects considering your short term flipping requirement where you can expect a return on Investment (ROI) of around 80-100% over the next 6 months:

    1. Remraam (Any Phase)
    2. Badrah (Phase 2)


  4. PropertiesOverseas

    PropertiesOverseas New Member

    Flipping can be great but make sure you do plenty of research first. I feel the 'prime' time to buy to flip may have passed now but there is still money to be made.
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