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I want a Short Term Furnished Apartments in Dubai

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by keegan, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. keegan

    keegan New Member

    Can someone recommend short term furnished apartments in Dubai that are at reasonable prices & not as exuberant as the Hyatt Residences?

  2. lukas

    lukas New Member


    I use a guy who has apartments in the Marina and the Greens he is quite reasonable. I use him when I have visitors from England and he always gives me good rates.

    PM me for his email or number.
  3. mohna

    mohna New Member

    laws for payment schedule

    hello i have on question.

    Are there in dubai ruls for payment?

    i have purchesed an Appartment by alattar in bussiness bay and the company claim the 3th instalment and when i was there i saw it is not even the basem,ent costructed...shal i pay after payment plan or it is after costruction progress?

    Or any company could charges money because their payment plan .

    can anybody help me?
    it means i have paied 40% of payment without to be costructed 5% of building.

    please help me to be uptodate about the rules..shal i appoint a lawer or can help me also rera?

    thank you,
  4. DelboyG

    DelboyG New Member

    Hi Mohna,

    I'm no lawyer so take my advice as that only.

    The Al Attar family have a very long history of property development in Dubai - I'm not sure how much property they own, but it's at least 20+ towers, rented out right across Dubai.

    You are one of the lucky one's as they already have years of other rental income to work with and complete the building, unlike many of the new developers who are 100% reliant on existing investors.

    I think, if your developer really is Al Attar, they will complete the property and you should act accordingly now.

    Just my opinion in the end.
  5. mohna

    mohna New Member

    hi thank you for your advice!
    yes i am sure that i will get my app. completet, but they claim that i pay my 3th instalment while they are constructet even 3% of the building it means 40% bevor they realy did what for the money?it must be a rule that the investors have to pay after costruction progress or not??

    for 40% cash+mortgageyou could buy a completet app.

    you mean they are a laws regarding the payment schedules?

    i would be thankfull if you find it out!

    best wishes
  6. DelboyG

    DelboyG New Member

    Times have changed but your contract with the developer has not.

    I would continue with the contracted payment plan, even if they are late in building.
    Please note to anyone else reading this, I'm advising this way because you've said the developer is 'Al Attar' and I know they will delivery eventually.
    Please check that it is Al Attar.

    If you default on payment, after 30 days, according to recent law change they can keep 30% of the property value (or funds paid - even I'm still not sure on that one).

    Look at this way - you are safe and in a lot better position that a lot of the people here with off plan.

    Be grateful in your choice of developer.
  7. jennyhicks

    jennyhicks New Member

    I arranged mine through
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