I wan to live in China

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Hello all,

I wonder whether you can help me. I am British, (Eurasian) half-Chinese exploring the opportunity to work abroad in China.

Having lived in the UK and with rising cost of living and extortionate house prices I am considering the possibility of immigrating to China to start my family.

My wife is Chinese from Sheng Yeng, and we've recently married in the UK and have a baby on the way. I feel that if there isn't a significant correction in the over inflated house prices, that I could afford a relatively better quality of life living in China.

Would it be possible for someone like myself, 26, currently works in IT Support/development role, cannot speak Chinese to work in China ?

Have people done this before ?

What sort of jobs could I do ?

I would appreciate any advice or anecdotes on this matter for a feel of what I can do. In my mind, Beijing, Shanghai or South china are places I would consider.

Any advice much appreciated.


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I am an Australian that had move to Beijing recently. Having not read a word of Chinese but I have managed to navigated myself around town.
Even though it?s hard at first, but with your Chinese wife I don?t think it is a problem. And you will get used to the language very soon.

Work wise it is not a problem here.. especially in Beijing where this is the technology hub of china with it company like IBM, Lucent,Motorola etc all here.

Hope this help..


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Moving to China

We are both Canadian citizen, myself ( chinese) and my hubby is Canadian/American, we just came back from a trip to China with 9 friends and families from Canada and US. Everyone was amazed by the changes in China.

One of the guy has already decided to move to China. There are tons of opportunities in China for sure with the growth of the economy.
But he is a young guy, single, so whereever he goes, will be his home.

We are thinking to move to live there too but not sure exactly how foreigner will cope with the culture shock. They loved it for the two weeks stay. But permanant live there is different thing.

We are in our earlier 40's, already established in Canada, have great careers, wonder if it is wise to move there, any suggestions ???
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How about teaching English in China?

and if you are thinking to buy a property there, be quick! The property price goes up everyday.
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