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hyde park by damac

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by DubaiDMC, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. DubaiDMC

    DubaiDMC New Member

    what are peoples thought on this development?

  2. andyk2

    andyk2 New Member


    I see that Property Showrooms are starting to list the Hyde Park properties on their web site. Is it true that a Cairo apartment starts from £44.000? Looks that way.

    According to the Global Property Guide, rental yields in Cairo are in double figures, thereis low tax on income from rents, no CGT and Damac and Emaar are building there - must be good (this is not sarcastic).

    I like it - think it´s good value. Anybody care to offer an alternative point of view?

    Happy investing

  3. zswalima

    zswalima New Member

    i have bought into the concorde centreville development in hyde park by damac. anyone interested?
  4. GM43

    GM43 Banned

    last thing I know is that they dug a big hole!
  5. myahfoufi

    myahfoufi New Member

    DAMAC Properties

    I'm interested in buying apartment in centreville. Have you sold or are you still looking to sell?
  6. GSF

    GSF New Member

    pm me your email address, i have some products for you.

  7. myahfoufi

    myahfoufi New Member



    I have no idea what "pm me" means, but I'm interested in buying in Egypt from a reputable developer. If you can provide feedback, please write to myahfoufi at gmail - thanks
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