How to Stage Condos & Apartments for a quick sale?

Discussion in 'Property Investment Strategies' started by AsimKhan, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. AsimKhan

    AsimKhan New Member

    please help me to sell homes, condos and apartments for a quick sale.
  2. Viviene

    Viviene New Member

    Selling your house can be a daunting task that can often be met with one very worrying challenge: making sure the house is and stays clean while your family is still living in it so that viewing can go as planned. Fortunately, if you are selling your house during warmer seasons, between the months of February to May, it is easier to clean the house and make it more attractive for viewers.

    *Start from the outside going in.
    *Clean your house from a viewpoint of a potential buyer.
    *Take advantage of online selling sites and word of mouth.
    *Get a realtor.
  3. Rathwell

    Rathwell New Member

    Hello Guys,
    If you sale your condos,apartment and homes You can post advertisement. you can discuss any broker.And you can sale online sites also.
  4. George79

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    Make sure that everything is up to date and up to code then focus on the cosmetics. Work on the outside going in. The heavy hitting repairs are driveways, roofing, and garages. Knowing this, your time should be invested here first for any repairs be it by code or cosmetic.

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