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How to find Owner empty property

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by benjamin, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. benjamin

    benjamin New Member

    Hi all,
    We are currently on the market and looking for somewhere. On our travels, we have seen a couple of obviously empty properties that are not up for sale, but just appear to be sat there doing nothing. One of them we know for sure has been empty for absolutely ages, as we often drive past it.

    How do we go about finding out who owns the properties, and is it out of order, once we've found out, to perhaps drop them a polite little note to say 'we like your empty house, is it for sale??
  2. jacab

    jacab New Member

    Hi Benjamin,
    Worth dropping a letter through the door. My house was empty for a while (in fact, to the extent that some busy bodies told the council and the council threatened a compulsory purchase order!) as we'd already moved out and needed a while to do it up for sale. It was too early for us to get the agents in but I would have got back to people if they'd dropped a note through.
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