How is Dubai rated in terms of luxury homes?


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Dubai is considered as the luxury capital of Middle East. Even though most of the capital cities have developed infrastructure, Dubai still gets more attention. Mainly because of immense job opportunities and the city is one the largest connection hub for most airliners. Hence over the period of past few years property sale in Dubai has seen meteoric rise. More and more leading international construction companies are getting in the market. Visit at (moderated)
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Expanding the business community surrounding Dubai is the major key to future growth in luxury real estate. We only need to look at London which has a massive business community to support the luxury housing market as a prime example.


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Compared to global cities worldwide, the prices of luxury properties in Dubai are among the lowest. Luxury homes in Dubai cost 40% less than luxury homes in Singapore, and 50% less than those in Paris and Moscow.

According to an article by Khaleej Times, 82% of the secondary market sales were for apartments. At AED 3.34 billion, Dubai Marina ranked first for most transactions, followed by the Palm Jumeirah at AED 2.32 billion, and then Downtown Dubai at AED 1.54 billion. Combined, these three prime locations totaled 42% of the secondary prime residential market.

In the first and second quarter of 2018, Dubai’s secondary residential market has witnessed AED 14.4 billion and AED 12.1 billion in sales. In 2017, the real estate market saw an increase of 10% for prime residential off-plan sales compared to 2016.

According to the same article by Khaleej Times, the luxury market is seeing more value-conscious buyers. Now, more than ever, buyers care more about design, community, locations, impeccable finishing and amenities. Most buyers are looking to live in the property or are purchasing it as an additional luxury Dubai home.


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Even though the Dubai property market has been falling for the last few years, it still offers significant growth potential going forward. Many might have seen that Warren Buffett is doubling up his exposure to Dubai and the Middle East in general.


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After the Dubai property bubble of 2016 investors has been skeptic about investment in Dubai. But the announcement of Expo 2020 has sparked a new flame in the property investment sector.
Major companies like Emaar, Damac, Dubai Properties, Meraas have started numerous projects that have attracted a wide range of expats from all over the world. Major Areas have seen massive developments like Downtown, Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Emaar South, Dubai Creek Harbour, etc.


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Dubai is probably the only city where you would want to own a luxury home in the Middle East,

I say this because along with any luxury home, you need to have access to a luxurious and lavish lifestyle, and there is no better place than Dubai to do so with the grand shopping malls full of luxury brands, and the many fine dinning, and nightlife experiences that are available.

Also, and the most important one of all, is security! Dubai is extremely safe which is obviously important for anyone, but much more important if you have money in the middle east (where security could be turbulent in many Countries); But not the UAE, fortunately.
You could probably let your dog walk around alone at night wearing a Rolex, and nothing would probably happen, and even if anything does, the police are quite efficient with matters such as theft,and city is well monitored, so you would find that watch within 24 hrs.

Its also relatively easy to do business in the city and it has a good infrastructure for export/import + its a business hub, so you could probably set up your second office there, or make it your HQ if you enjoy the lifestyle.

Therefore, if you are looking into the Middle East, there is probably no better place to buy a luxury home, than in Dubai.


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Dubai is one of the best places In the world where and everything is available.


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Dubai is recognized as the luxury capital of the Middle East. Dubai continues to garner greater attention despite the fact that most big cities have improved infrastructure. The city is one of the busiest connection points for most airlines, owing to the number of work opportunities and the city's location. As a result, Dubai home sales have soared in recent years. Construction firms from throughout the world are progressively joining the industry.