How do you handle your tenants?

Discussion in 'Buy-to-Let Property Investment' started by realdeals, Jan 6, 2019.

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    I would be interested to learn how landlords handle their tenants, do you take a hands-on approach or do you keep your distance? I have read a number of articles suggesting you should act in a business like manner, not becoming too friendly, but also take a softly softly approach to tenant short-term cash flow issues. Which is the best strategy?
  2. Adrian Elford

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    Certainly never become too friendly as it can hinder your decision making process when they are behind on rent.
    I only conduct rentals through a local agent so I only ever have to think about the tennants on renewal of some major drama.
  3. Do you not feel as it you are giving money away in the shape of commission or is it worth paying to keep the tenant at arms length and not become too involved?
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    The best bit of advice I ever received:-


    Nothing else to add :)
  5. Longterminvestor

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    Some quick tips:-

    Dont mix business and pleasure/family
    Keep a safe distance and do not get too involved in your tenants lives
    Keep it business like at all times - show no emotion

    I know this all sounds cold but if you start to get emotionally attached that is when you make decisions you will regret.

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