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How can I invest/save for my child

Discussion in 'French Property' started by kai, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. kai

    kai New Member


    Does anybody know whether there is an equivalent to UK Premium Bonds in France? We live in the South-West and our son is 5 months old and was born here, so unfortunately we can't set up any UK trust accounts or buy P.Bonds for him.

  2. drew

    drew New Member

    Hi Kai,
    If you're family is still in the UK, they can purchase national savings bonds from their post office for their grandchildren. I think they'll need a copy of the birth certificate, not sure. My parents just did this for my son born in France, and the national savings send the bond certificate straight to you in France!
    Don?t think there's the equivalent here; but for kids you can open up a special kids savings account for babies (called tiwi at credit agricole) if you're not with CA I?m sure your bank will have the same sort of product.
    See you again
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