How can I get Income from a Property in Egypt?



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I’m hoping someone could help me with some advice.

I purchased a property in Egypt through a UK company, Select Property, in 2010 that had a guaranteed rental income for 5 years after it was built, to be paid in Euro – I have a contract for this with the developer.

The property was completed in 2015 and I received the first rental payment in Euros.

Since then I have received no further payments from the developer, I have continually been told that the law changed in 2016 and I now have to open up an Egyptian Bank account and be paid rental income in Egyptian Pounds, however I have not been able to do this

I am currently owed over 12,000 EURO and we are still deadlocked with them telling me to open an Egyptian Bank account and me unable to do this.

Can anyone provide any advice?